Saturday, January 08, 2005

Doctor's Note

On Friday I went to my general practitioner to get a note saying I could go back to work. She wrote on the prescription pad:

"Heather can resume work as a lift operator @ Sugarbush. No heavy lifting. For complete recuperation, Heather needs physical therapy in the form of feeling Dave Forward's hairy chest at least once a week."

Dave is my boss. :-) The powers that be at Sugarbush thought the note was a hoot. They asked if Dave himself had written it. Well, one of my bosses was all set to take me back to work on Saturday. When we went to talk to the guy in charge of employee safety, he nixed me working until I got a note from the surgeon who did the work ... just in case. My appointment is on Monday.

I hope Dave is getting teased mercilessly about the note. I'm not there, somebody has to do it for me :-)

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