Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Smoothies on Martha's Vineyard

I was reading my blog and realized I never wrote about going to Martha's Vineyard! Once again, I was having too much fun.

We all took the ferry over from Hyannis to Oak Bluffs. We drove off the ferry via a really cool old dock that was constructed of thick wooden beams and a wooden planked deck. Navigating through the cramped streets lined with shops full of tourist trinkets and overpriced but delicious food, we pointed the van inland. Masses of tourists and buildings gave way to a gently rolling, narrow road flanked by old stone fences.

After setting up the smoothie booth at the mostly empty fairgrounds, we packed our towels and headed to one of the many beaches. The weather was beautiful. Sunny, warm, with a constant sea breeze. We drove around, checked out the cliffs at Aquinnah, and took some pictures of lighthouses.

Once the fair started on Thursday, we were pretty busy all the way through. On Sunday we finally ran out of fruit 40 minutes before the fair officially closed. As soon as it did, we all hopped into the van and headed for town. That night we went to a fancy restraunt called Jimmy Sea's. They go there every year after the fair is through and treat themselves to a big dinner, hang the cost! Paula had puttanesca, Michael the fruit of the sea, Jesse some butternut squash ravioli, and I, the shrimp butter cream. We each had a drink from the bar, and no dessert. The tab came to $150. Figuring $200 was a nice round number, Michael gave our waiter a $50 tip. Even through I wasn't the one paying, I have to say that the dinner and experience were worth it. It was such a treat to eat at a place like that. The food was delicious, and the portions were absolutely huge. We ended up taking them in a cooler to the beach the next day and stuffing ourselves to the gills again.

The last day on the Island, we were able to go to a resident's only beach, thanks to a friend of Michael's who let us in. We spent the entire day baking in the sand, playing games, eating, and surfing the waves on a body board. I spent hours out in the ocean catching waves, and came back home a brilliant red from head to toe.

All in all, a great working vacation.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Life in General

Gosh, I've been such a bad blogger this year! I never seem to find the time to get online and update this thing unless I'm in a wicked bad mood and need to vent. The blog has been very therapuetic that way... like when I heard through the grapevine that some company called up John Christman and mentioned my blog to him. From what I hear, John is really pissed and looking for a way to "Get even" with me. I also hear that he's still treating his employees like crap. He's really digging himself deep.

I've been having fun being gainfully unemployed! I'm finally getting the garden and homestead all ship-shape for winter, before the snow starts to fall. Soon I need to enter the work world. In between schlepping wood and preparing the garden for snow, I've been searching for a good winter job. I've narrowed it down to either outdoor recreation or something to do with baking. Any good job leads?

I'm off for a nice Sunday drive with Jesse.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Car troubles

Yesterday mom and I took my old van grocery shopping. I hadn't driven it in a long time, ever since I bought my Toyota 4runner. It was just like old times .... on the way home, the van died. The starter motor kicked the bucket in the parking lot of the general store 1 1/2 miles from our house. Of course I didn't have any of the 4 fix-it manuals for the van with me, so mom had to tell me what to do, based on her foggy memory of what fixing her junker cars was like back in the old days.

Finding the starter took awhile. Instead of being near the front of the engine, GM thought it better to stick the thing in the middle of the car, behind the wheelwell. I had to lay on my back in the middle of a fairly deep puddle to finally get to it. Mom neglected to tell me the starter would start sparking and whirring around like crazy once I got the screwdriver wedged in there. Eeek!

Luckily the thing started and we made it back home. I'm going to buy a new starter for $47.99 and hopefully everything will work out ok. If only I were as lucky with my Toyota 4runner...

Yesterday I had the 'yoda set up to go in for a brake job and inspection. When I went out that morning to drive it there, the thing wouldn't start. It's never not started before! It would turn over just fine, but wouldn't actually start. The battery was fine, and I couldn't find a reason for it not to start. I had to call the garage and have them tow it there. A few hours later they called me back to say it would cost $800 to $1,000 to fix my car up to inspectable shape, and they didn't think it was worth it. Noooooooo!!!

Being poor sucks. You only have enough money at one time to buy a $1,000 or under car, then it keeps falling apart and needing massive amounts of money. (sigh) Too bad bike season is swiftly coming to an end...I could just bike to work, if I had a job...

Speaking of job, have you checked out Google yet? Now when you type in "John Christman Construction" , my blog entries about what a crappy business he runs are the third and forth link. Take THAT, you scum sucking pig. :-)

Ahhh, now I feel better.

Anybody want to buy a 1986 Toyota 4runner as a parts car? Everything solid except the frame and back brakes. :-) Only 116k miles...