Sunday, September 25, 2005

Life in General

Gosh, I've been such a bad blogger this year! I never seem to find the time to get online and update this thing unless I'm in a wicked bad mood and need to vent. The blog has been very therapuetic that way... like when I heard through the grapevine that some company called up John Christman and mentioned my blog to him. From what I hear, John is really pissed and looking for a way to "Get even" with me. I also hear that he's still treating his employees like crap. He's really digging himself deep.

I've been having fun being gainfully unemployed! I'm finally getting the garden and homestead all ship-shape for winter, before the snow starts to fall. Soon I need to enter the work world. In between schlepping wood and preparing the garden for snow, I've been searching for a good winter job. I've narrowed it down to either outdoor recreation or something to do with baking. Any good job leads?

I'm off for a nice Sunday drive with Jesse.

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