Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I went to a VW junkyard the other day. They had 10 acres of vehicles and a huge warehouse full of all sorts of goodies!

I'm packing up my VW today, getting ready to move out of my house. My lease runs out on the 1st, so I've decided to live in my van full time.

You know that magnet that has a horrified looking lady on it, and says "Oh my God, I turned into my mother!" ? I'm starting to identify. Now both mom and I are wandering around while living out of our vehicles. Mine's cooler though. :-)

Everywhere I go, little kids and grown adults all smile and shout, "I love your van!"

With my next paycheck, I need to fix my brakes and get some new shocks. I figured it was easier to concentrate on the cosmetic things before the mechanical stuff and living in it. I moved into the house I built before I was finished with it, and it was just a total pain. Never again!


Nick said...

What are you going to do in the food preparation, food cooling, and showering department. Solar shower, coleman stove and ice chest?

When I lived in my van for a month, I made extensive use of my gym membership every morning.

Rural Lesbian said...

Awful hot time to be in the van. You are resourseful and I am sure you will be fine.

I used to use a new garden sprayer and a large plastic dishpan to wash up in. The sprayer used hardly any water but got the job done.

Amy E said...

Yikes! Heather so sorry about your van. I wish I had a place to offer you to stay. I will think on it and check with some friends in that area (I am in San Antonio).

I do have land in Missouri if you are interested in a place to stay if you are every out that direction once your van is fixed.