Thursday, November 15, 2007

My job

My jobsite.

Raising the structural insulated panel (SIP) walls into place on the 2nd story.

Making adjustments to the wall before stapling it into place.


rl1959 said...

what is keeping the wind from blowing the walls over when you stand them up ????????

Broken Feather said...

Hey Heather,

What happened to the house you built in Calais? I remember the beautiful underground house you, your mom and peter lived in! I attended a weekend long homesteading event at Calais about 10 or so years ago! At the time, your mother had fallen off the roof and was riding around the property in a Quad! She had a cast on her leg! Wishing you well and a happy holiday season!

Ed Chandler

Todd said...

Heather, What an amazing spot to be building a house... Right on the water.

I am curious about your experience building with SIPs. I would enjoy it if you could describe the process, pros and cons. As well, would you be interested in writing an article about this on my companies website:

McTrekker said...

Is that on my lake? Is that Lake Austin that I see?