Friday, April 04, 2008

My new Truck

So, I bought a truck last weekend.... It's adorable! It's a 1971 Chevy c10 stepside, with an oak strip bed and curvy wheelwells, just like I've always wanted.

It's almost entirely stock, including the original 250 inline 6 engine. Most of the parts are new/rebuilt. There are only two spots of rust I need to worry about, and the entire panel one of them is on can be replaced for $17.99.

I replaced an exhaust flange gasket the other day. It cost $2.18 and fit all Chevy/GMC models from 1937-1987.

The only thing wrong with it that I know of is the throwout bearing in the clutch. While I'm under there with the transmission and driveshaft dropped to fix it, I'll just replace the whole clutch. (It'll need it sooner rather than later). A complete clutch kit cost $155. The shop down the road had two of them in stock.

My van was a big hit with women and small children. Now that I have this truck, I'm a huge hit with the men, especially guys who are old enough to have driven a 70's era truck back in the day.

I'm going to paint and reupholster, and redo the wood in the bed. I'm hoping for enough leftover massaranduba from the jobsite to use for the bed. Nothing like Brazilian hardwood to make it look pretty. :-)


WendyTheWanderer said...

Are you going to paint it bright and shiny red? Can I have a ride? :-)

PipeTobacco said...


Your truck is indeed very nice! I too would enjoy hearing what color you may be planning. I actually really like the current aqua green color and hope you may consider that color for a fresh repaint.

I see your van in the photograph as well. Is that drivable anymore, or did the damage from the person who hit you never get resolved?

Wishing you great luck and happiness.


Sproactually said...

So, a clutch, is this a 3 on the tree or a 4 speed?

Might want to have the u-joints done on the drive shaft while you have it out, and check the rear main seal on the 250. They are leakers.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Here in the North, salt and weather would have eat your truck long ago. It is a beauty!

crm17 said...

That is a classic. Enjoy your new mechanical friend!