Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My day

This morning I got to work even earlier than usual. This is looking out from the house we're building, over the lake below.
Looking through the deck railing...

This week we've been house, dog and car sitting for Luke's parents. I went to pick them up after work, and took their car out for a bath along the way. Automatic car washes are cool! I don't remember ever going through one before.


Becky said...

I find myself revisiting your blog daily to see your photo "through the porch rails". It's one I'd enter into a fair or competition... it's SO COOL!
Becky in SC

JenPB said...

Never through an automated wash before? My little girls LIVE for it! "Mommy, does Tawny need gas so we can give her a carwash?"

I've enjoyed coming across your blog. I like to tear stuff apart and make it better, too. Did a '79 Jeep CJ7 rebuilt from the frame up (fiberglass, too), and now working on a '72 Compact Jr. trailer.

Blogger has a new gadget, "Follow." If you add it to your blog, it'd be a lot easier for some of us lazy 'net surfers to follow your projects. :)