Tuesday, March 23, 2004


There's a difference between the detrimental material crap in this house, and beneficial material goods. For instance, this house is filled with knick-knacks. There are all sorts of angel doohickies, about 50 pounds worth of ceramic mugs of all shapes and inscriptions, decorative spoons, doilies, and enough plastic flowers to fill up the Grand Canyon at least halfway. Not much in this house is worth anything...Even though it cost a pretty penny when they bought it. The material things in here don't contribute to happiness or security...They just get in the way and collect dust.

I'm not saying they should eschew possessions and live in a cave. Some material things ARE good....But not the majority of things in this house. Think of the useful things they could have bought in lieu of that toy watering can filled with fake, dusty ivy sitting off to my left...Heck, they could have bought a real watering can and some plants to spruce up the place!

They (Suzanne and DICK) currently live on more than 60k a year. They owe thousands upon thousands of dollars more than they currently have. Pretty soon their home, car and most of their possessions will be gone, and all they'll be left with is mountains of debt.

I've made less then half of their current yearly income during my entire lifetime. What do I have to show for it? A house, totally paid for. A van, totally paid for. A year's worth of backpacking food, totally paid for. Lots of cool backpacking and other sports equipment, totally paid for. Tangible things, useful things...not boxes of knick knacks so ugly and useless that we haven't been able to sell them for 5 cents in a yard sale.

My current list of material wants:

A 1960's-70's era Chevrolet C-10 4x4 stepside long bed pick up truck

A couple hundred acres of land in Alaska, Montana or northern Arkansas to build a homestead on

A painted horse to graze and ride on the aforementioned land

A hunky, talented guy to do the dishes and other things

See the difference? My material wants are useful, practical things. I'm not likely to shove them onto a shelf to gather dust. They're things that I'll be appreciating every day.

Grrrrr. Arrrgg. I'm going to indulge in some therapy by hurling some knick knacks into the dumpster.

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