Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Yesterday I went to browse the magazines after updating my blog, leaving Jesse alone with the computers. When he came to find me later that evening (I was in the photography section) he bounced over with a sly smile and announced he had made an executive decision...We were going to stay at a motel that night. He had been looking up Ocala area places to stay and found some good ones.

Weird. I never stay in motels. It sounded like an excellent idea though, what with the hot showers, the big beds, etc...Especially considering neither of us had washed up in at least a week. We ended up going to Howard Johnsons and splurging $40 for a room. We fell asleep sprawled across the bed, watching tv. How weird to catch up on the news after so long of not paying attention to it!

This morning I found a tick on Jesse. We've been staying in national forests for weeks now, and the first time he gets a tick, it's in a motel room. It definitely wasn't there last night...

So now we're in the Ocala library again, updating and researching places to go. Merle Fest has been nixed in favor of just slowly working our way back up to Vermont, enjoying our money while it lasts. We're going to buy tickets to Grey Fox instead, which happens in New York state in July. It includes camping and is almost/just as cool as Merle Fest.

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