Thursday, September 06, 2007

Labor Day

Luke and I went to his parent's ranch for Labor day weekend. His mom took some pictures of us. Awwww, how cute!


tansy said...

you two look very happy together.

i've read your blogs since way back in vermont when you were building your house. i've always enjoyed reading about your adventures.

what's going on with the van?

Joyful said...

You look happy. We make our own happiness. What our parents do is their choice.I have learned to let go of the past. This would be a new chapter in my book.Besides I have to live with myself and do what makes me happy. You go girl.

StrongDecorativePaint said...

Hey, missy, I'm stopping by for breakfast tomorrow to drop off a letter. I had it in my bag when we came over for yummy Peppers, but totally forgot about it.

House ideas are percolating along... Sara mowed!!! Tim asked if you'd been by when he saw how nice the lawn looked...LOL

Green... Jalapeno green for the living room an kitchen... then we'll go from there.