Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What's new

So, I gave my 2 week notice at the bakery today. I don't have a job lined up yet, but something should come down the pike soon.

Every week for a long time now, I kept telling myself that I'd quit next week, when I was in a better position to do so. Being in a better position hadn't happened yet, so I decided to jump now rather than wait for the perfect time that will never come.

I want to get back into carpentry again, preferably as the apprentice to some sweet but meticulous old guy who's been a carpenter for years and wants to impart all of his knowledge on a young whippersnapper like me.

If you know of this mythical guy, or any other interesting carpentry opportunities in the Austin, TX area, drop me a line at Heather.Martin@gmail.com


PipeTobacco said...


Here's wishing you great luck on your newest adventure. Is there any update on the repair of your VW Van? I hope that you are able to get it fixed and going again. Please let us, your faithful readers know.


Jean Paul De Bergarac said...

Read your blog with interest and would really like to offer the name of a quality carpenter I know. Sadly he is in Ashford England, and would be rather surprised if he was contacted by someone from Austin, TX. Even though you seem really to want to get into the trade.

Jean Paul De Bergarac

Calvin & Loretta said...

I don't know that carpenter, but when you find him, show him the pictures of the cedar in that red van. That ought to convince him (or her).

Calvin (from Vandwellers)

R2K said...

What do you want to be In 20 Years?