Sunday, July 06, 2008

New Stuff

I guess I've been slacking in the blog department, yet again! Mom keeps pestering me to update, and I keep telling her nothing's new. :-)

I did get engaged a month ago. We're planning an October wedding here in Austin.

I also just joined a CSA. It's a farm 5 miles from here that's only in its 3rd year, yet has 300 members! We got our first box of produce yesterday. Lots of yummy tomatoes, eggplants, okra, squash, cucumbers, basil and onions.

My own garden isn't looking so hot. It needs lots more organic matter...I need to go out looking for horse manure. Trimming the overhanging tree out back would help a lot too.

I'm still working as a carpenter on the same house I wrote about previously. We're installing masaranduba siding, and taking forever.... the siding should be done in another 6 weeks or so. Hopefully there will be some scraps left so I can re-wood my truck bed.


Nightowl35 said...

Congratulations on your engagement!

Tilly said...

Congrats on your engagement. I'm so very happy for you. Have been reading your blog and your Mom's since the farm and before it was sold. Best wishes for a long and happy married life. Dawn