Saturday, October 29, 2005

Heather's Grand Bicycling Adventure

Oh yeah, I never said what I plan to do. Well....

Mom and I are heading down to Florida the first week of November. We'll be meeting Brian (Mom's Fiance) in Disney World and having fun there for a few days. We'll celebrate my birthday on December 1st, in between me laying down a new hardwood floor in their house. On the 3rd they'll be getting married, then I'll be house sitting while they're on their honeymoon. Once they get back, I'm taking off.

I'm riding my Cannondale T800 bike from Florida to California via some warm, southern roads. I haven't figured out my exact route yet, or what I'll be doing for fun and excitement along the way. There are a bunch of National parks I want to see, and maybe I'll go into the big city of San Antonio to explore. I want to see Alpine, Texas again because I remember it as being a really beautiful place in the middle of nowhere when we visited it years and years ago.
I'm making a website about my whole adventure, and I'll tell you what the address is once I've got everything figured out and in a nice, neat format.

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