Sunday, February 22, 2004

Heather is funny on the phone ;-)

Tonight I talked to Heather. I continue to torture her by telling her each gourmet delight that I cook. She holds the phone away from her ear, chants and makes rude noises to block it out. She then goes on to tell me what she ate. Tonight it was 10 year old canned ravioli scraped from the bottom of a rusty can ;-) I bet it wasn't *that* bad ;-) Snicker....snicker.....

Heather thinks for certifications, they should add millionaire. Ski patrol has never been offered, yet they hold out the possibility by putting it under certifications. The way you go about getting it is to work at the local ski area and hope they train you. It has nothing to do with Job Corps. why should you go to school there to begin with???

As for Millionaire, Heather says that theoretically she could go on to become one, so it should be listed as a possibility ;-)

I went through the list of certifications, searched online and wrote to some local groups. She can get them easier here at home. I sent her a bazillion links to cool outdoor jobs and internships right here in Vermont.

Heather could come home, live in her own house and do her she was all along at her unschool university ;-)

While I was talking to Heather, the RA walked by. Heather needed things from his work slips and scissors. She's 20 years old, is not allowed to use a knife or scissors!!! They have to be borrowed from the RA....and used under supervision. Whoa..... I hope it's not so dangerous there that a berserk kid might suddenly grab them and go on a rampage! This is school....not reform school or jail.

I'm worried about my kid!!!!! She sounds more confused and brain dead every day. Is it the food? The rules? The mind-numbing mediocrity?

Today Heather looked through the yellow pages and decided to try the Unitarian church. I think it was a good choice and cheered her up. My favorite is always the coffee HOUR afterwards ;-)

So....please think good thoughts and send Heather some energy. This week she learns about Wildland fires and tries to deal with the administration about her continuing frustrations and issues.

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