Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Job Corps Blues.....

It's amazing how many emails a day I get about Heather's Job Corps experiences! Seems people have plenty of opinions. If you have some opinions you just need to get off your chest, write to me at wsm311@aol.com

One interesting reaction I get is to Job Corp's mission to serve "at risk" youth. Here's what their web page says.....

Job Corps is the nation's largest and most comprehensive residential, education and job training program for at-risk youth, ages 16 through 24. Since its inauguration in 1964, under the Economic Opportunity Act, Job Corps has provided more than 2 million disadvantaged young people with the integrated academic, vocational, and social skills training they need to gain independence and get quality, long-term jobs or further their education.

Read that? ECONOMIC opportunity. I get $600/month disability because I have myasthenia gravis and lupus. That puts us squarely under the umbrella of "at risk". I don't have any money. I could not send Heather to college. Ideally a school like this is a great place for a kid like mine to go.

They say the students can work at their own pace. Heather finished up her level A paperwork very quickly. She also did it all for the NEXT level and handed it in. The level A teacher has been putting off one or two hours worth of clinics for weeks. As soon as the teacher lets Heather do this, she can progress to the next level. I'm wondering now if there is some sort of financial reason for the Job Corps or the teacher to hold her back?

I'm waiting one more week and then I'm getting mean. I've repeatedly written letters to the center director. I know he reads them as Heather has talked to him. He hasn't written back to me, though.

Just as when I had a foreign exchange student at our house and needed help with INS and the time I applied for disability, the best way to get help is to talk to congressmen. I guess that's my next step with Job Corps.

Hopefully they will let Heather finish level A next week. Otherwise I call in the cavalry. Government is supposed to serve ***US***.

The good news is that Heather got such good evaluations that she skipped over a step and is now in "silver phase". I think that means she gets a $50 bonus, a water bottle and a later bedtime ;-)

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