Thursday, February 19, 2004

The reality of Job Corps

Some folks have written to ask me what it's like. Maybe Heather can add to this.

Every time you go off center and come back, your bags are checked and purchases looked through. There are many things you are not allowed to have or buy. Each day there is room inspection. Your bed needs to be made and room clean. You have a big locker and must keep anything of value in it and locked away. From early morning to 4 pm, you are locked out of your room. You had better remember to take it all with you.

Sometimes trips are scheduled, but the kids don't know what kind of trip. If you go prepared for skiing and it's a snowshoe trip.....tough can't get back in your room for the snowshoes.

Yup....the food is free if you go to the cafeteria. Too bad they aren't fond of fresh fruits and vegetables ;-( You had better think tater tots are gourmet fare.

To use a phone, you have to be able to catch an RA on duty and not busy. You make the call in their room among noise, kids going in and out, etc....

Want to go off center? You have to sign out. If you want to spend the weekend away you need to arrange permission ahead of time.

Sometimes this all seems worth it to go to school "free".....sometimes free seems expensive in other ways.

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