Thursday, February 05, 2004

Fun at school

Weeeeeeeeee!! School is fun :-)

I've been downhill skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and rollerblading within the past week. All of them are related to my vocation and some of them are requirements. Today they had to cancel the cross country skiing unfortunately. There's always next week though!

I'm learning to be a good little suck up. I just learned that although I was only on wing 10 (the newbie wing) for 8 days, I was the student of the month. I have a certificate coming to me for that one. :-)

I've been getting perfect room scores evepretty much every day. If I keep it up, I could get room of the month for wing 9. I then get a certificate and a little perk gift. This place is very into incentives. As soon as I complete level A, I get a few more perks, including a Rec Works water bottle.

I'm trying to be extra extra good, so I can skip blue phase and go directly to silver phase when my teachers evaluate me in a week or so. Silver phase allows me to have a later bedtime and a few other perks. I'm gunning for silver phase so I can start my application rolling for the onsite apartments. You have to be on silver before you can apply. Once into the apartments, I'd have my own computer with internet access in my room. As it is now, I only have access to computers during certian portions of the school day.

Being in the apartments has other perks, such as being able to cook your own food. The food down at the cafeteria is kinda gross. Not only is it institutional food, but it's federal government food. Who knows what they do to it back behind the kitchen walls...

Time to get back to school work. :-)

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