Friday, January 30, 2004

Heather doesn't sit still long enough to update....

Between hanging out with the Mormons, ski trips, rollerblading, ice skating, going to WalMart and irritating the school administration, Heather has no time left ;-)

I'm sooooo tempted to say things I'm not supposed to! Let's just say Heather has been asked to muzzle herself by the powers that be. The rule doesn't apply to I will write about it in MY blog ;-) All I need is the energy to do it.

I miss my baby!!!!!!! We have travelled together for many years. Being a grown-up and shipping my baby off to school is very tough on me. But....if Heather can put up with the beaurocracy, I think she will have a great time on this adventure. Growing up in the sticks, she never had access to a roller rink or Super WalMart. Now she can see what it's like ;-)

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