Thursday, January 08, 2004

TABE Testing

I took my TABE tests today. Arrrrftghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a perfect score in reading. I got all 50 questions right. Because I got a perfect score though, they automatically reject it. I have to retake a higher level reading TABE, the equivalant of upper college levels.

My math TABE was a disaster. I've only taken one or two standardized fill in the bubble tests previous to my job corps experience. I have really bad test anxiety because of that, especially in's not my best subject. But, I started off good. I was humming along, filling in the blanks, making notes of qhich questions I skipped so I could come back and do them later...

I started to double check my answers. I got to question #6, which I had marked down to come back to later because it had been too difficult. When I looked at #6, I realized I must have skipped a row and accidentally started filling in the right answers in the wrong boxes. Everything was screwed up! I got another answer card and started to fill it in.

My book said I had 3 more questions to answer, but the answer card didn't have the space. It turns out I had been filling in the right answers in the wrong block of the test. ARGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!

I got another answer card. Started to furiously fill it in, trying to copy the right answers into the right boxes. Don't know if I did, because the bell rang before I could check.

I don't know my math score yet, but I've been told I failed. I want to know how much of it is computational error and how much is due to the fact I was filling in the wrong boxes. I hope they let me retake it. Otherwise I'm stuck in math class for 3 months before they'll let me near a TABE test again.

I go take my swim test in half an hour. Hope Everything goes well there. :-)

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