Monday, January 26, 2004


I moved over to another computer to do my typing. This one has earphones so I can listen to music. Yippie! I'm sad though, they boot us out in 7 minutes for lunch. I'll have to go back to using a regular computer later today ... this lab is closing up so they can take the regular students in here to a museum.

I've been avoiding my "real" classroom since I got into my vocation. It's easier to use other rooms to study in, and other computers to do my typing. I'm extremely glad they let me do this!

Last night I was cavorting with the Mormon missionairies. I'm taking a college class (I could even get college credit for it) about the Bible. Fascinating stuff. The family that teaches it is extremely nice too. The mom gave me and some of the other students some fancy scriptures. I now have a regular king James version of the Bible and a matching book that contains the Book Of Mormon, The Pearl Of Great Price and the Doctrine and Covenants. They're all cross referenced and have little thumb tab index thingies on the side to make it easier to look up stuff.

I will never be able to believe anything about Joseph Smith and some of the other Mormon tenets, but I really do enjoy their religious slant on other things in life.

Whoops, bell rang. Time to go.

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