Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Heather is STILL sick!

I kept hoping Heather would be able to update. She has very little internet access. She has been to the wellness center a bazillion times, plus they took her to the hospital for tests one day. This is one heck of a flu going around at school! Now Heather sounds like she is getting bronchitis to go with it. I think she has missed a week of school....but so has half of the campus.

Heather's next adventure is trying to get into an apartment. There are dorm rooms and apartments. Heather misses cooking.....especially spicy food ;-)

Besides writing to Heather, you can actually call her toll free after 5 PM to 10 PM. The # is 1-888-216-2034 When the automated voice starts talking, ignore her and quick dial 7417. You will get The RA's room. Ask for Heather.

You can also call the main # and dial 6024 for the lounge or 6023 for the laundry room. Heather actually prefers talking in the laundry room ;-) You have to ask for Heather....I think there are about 30 kids in her wing, any of them may answer the phone.

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