Thursday, January 15, 2004

Heather's math

My temp is down. I've been alternating 1000 mg's of tylenol and 400 mgs of ibuprofren every few hours for the past few days. I've been subsisting on cough drops and cloraseptic spray. Hopefully I get well soon. I even puked today. Ick ick ick.

Back when I was well, I failed my math test by 2 questions. I'm pretty proud of myself actually. After a lifetime of avoiding math like the plague and never ever doing any studying, I did better then the majority of kids on campus when it came to math. I weirded out the instructors with my scores though. I scored 100 points higher on applied math then I did with pure computation. They can't figure out why I would know math problems when they had words in them, but not when it was just straight numbers.

I'm going to be studying up on all varieties of math now, so I can ace the test when they give it to me again. It's actually pretty fun.

I'm going back to sleep.


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