Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The amazing dissapearing Heather

Hi again. Long time no blog. Bad Heather, bad!

Driving home from work last night I was craving something sweet. I made a deal with myself - if there was a parking space in front of La Brioche, I'd buy something. What luck! There was a swath of 4 parking spaces in a row right outside the door. This never happens, especially during rush hour. I took it as a divine sign and bought a rich and gooey creme brule. I got it to go and drove with my knees through downtown, cradling the container in one hand while eating it from my titanium spork in the other.

This morning I awoke with dreams of rich custards dancing through my head. I actually slept in till 7:30! Peter left for work so I had an entire house to play in by myself. I spent the morning tearing apart my room in pursuit of a w-2 form I had put someplace safe and hadn't seen since. Listened to a couple cds from Banjo Dan And The Midnite Plowboys, Zap Mama, and The Bluegrass Gospel Project. Was in a southern mood from the bluegrass and celebrated by frying up a batch of crispy corn fritters. Finger lickin' good!

Cleaned out my van and rigged up a new sound system for it using a portable cd player and the old speakers from the computer. With the subwoofer on, it sounds as good as any car stereo.

I did a bunch of other cool and exciting things, but I don't feel like sharing. I'm entering a phase of wanting to fully savor the events that happen to me and not go writing about them in such a public space. I have a thing against people knowing too much about me. I know that sounds strange coming from a person who has so many web pages about different facets of their life...but this blog is different. It's been more about personal thoughts and feelings, instead of events or projects, like the rest of the web presence has been.

I do have to keep this updated though, so mom can read it and know I'm still alive. Even before she ran off to Florida, we used each other's blogs as a way of communicating with each other. Lately she's been complaining I don't write enough.

It's time for both of us to grow up. I need to learn to be my own person, shape a life for myself, and she needs to learn to take her pills on time :-)

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