Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Update Central

Working at Sugarbush degenerated from a fun sociological experiment with ski benefits, into an experience not unlike banging my head against a concrete wall for 9 hours a day. The bosses just got crankier through the season while the bureaucratic bullshit piled higher and deeper.

On Thursday night Jesse and I watched the movie Office Space. It's about a cubicle dweller who gets sick of his idiot boss and just stops coming into work. I had had my fill of Sugarbush and didn't want to come in on Friday, especially since Jesse had that day off... so that morning I called the lift ops office and talked to one of our bosses. I said,

"Hi Ben! This is Heather. Last night I watched the movie Office Space, and this morning I had some really great sex with Jesse. So yeah... I just don't feel like coming into work today. Bye!"

I heard Ben gasp "Oh my God!" followed by shocked silence. I hung up and collapsed into laughter.

That day Jesse and I drove up to the Northeast Kingdom to visit his friends who had built two really cool houses up there. The friends were having a get together later that night. Jesse and I really wanted to stay, but that would mean leaving either really late or really early the next morning to make it back to work. Neither option seemed palatable...so we decided on a coin toss. Heads up we quit work, tails, we go back. The toss came up heads, quit work. We both looked at each other - then decided on doing two out of three. The next toss was tails. The third and final toss ......... Heads. I looked at Jesse and smiled. YES! You just can't argue with a coin toss.... :-)

That night I got to meet a bunch of their friends and munch on yummy food. We all stayed up late talking and listening to music. Jesse and I slept on their futon couch while a couple of other people slept upstairs, and a couple more shared the big dog bed with Freedom, the dog. That morning we all enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. Jesse and I were a bit in shock, wondering what we were going to do now, and enjoying the feeling of not having to go back to the evil Sugarbush.

We've got it figured out now. We're going to try and sell a bunch of our stuff, then run away to Florida in his jeep. I'd love to take Toby instead, but my car insurance is due in a couple of weeks and I don't have the $324 to spend. We don't have much money between us, but we're undoubtable going to have a great time. Jesse has never been to Florida! It's going to be wonderful to show him all the cool places mom and I have traveled to over the years.

We're leaving within the week, hopefully. Today we're spending getting all of his things together. Tomorrow we tackle my room, then outfitting his jeep for traveling. Then off to Saint J to visit his mom and say goodbye, then Florida, here we come!

We'll go down to Naples to visit my mom and Susan. Explore the Everglades and the Keys. Soak up the sun, sand, and fresh fruit. We'll need to find jobs, or at least rob a bank. We have the gas money to get down there and a stash of food. We'll figure out the rest as we go.

This is so exciting! I'm oozing happiness to have found somebody I can travel, talk, go on crazy adventures, somebody to share life with. Yummy!

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