Friday, February 11, 2005


I can't sleep. Today is the day I go back to work from my two days off. I spent my days off futzing around the house, then yesterday I woke up at 4am and decided to go to Burlington. When I walked out to Toby, the plow was just barely going by. We must have gotten at least 8 inches overnight.

There were people strewn off the highway everywhere. I spent a lot of time going 40 mph. As daylight crept over the mountains, it revealed a fresh white snowscape. Everything was coated in wet powder. The power lines sagged over the road, the pine boughs bent to the trunks.

It feels like a new chapter in life has started. The constant rain two days ago cleared the air, then the snow unified everything under its monochromatic blanket.

Things with Jesse are swell. When skiers getting on my lift ask how I'm doing, I reply, "Peachy keen!" I'm just so happy all the time. Life with Jesse seems open to so many possibilities. I find myself staring at him lost in space, feeling like I've known him my entire life...utterly comfortable. I haven't yet found anything major I don't like about him. So far he hasn't found any of my major skeletons either. Heh heh heh.

Yesterday I stopped by the mountain and rode up the lift to midstation where he was. Gave him some hot cocoa, a clementine, and stole kisses when nobody was watching.

When I came off the mountain I went to a local garage to have my muffled tightened. It had shaken loose courtesy of a snowbank I happened to run over while in Burlington. I had crawled underneath to tighten it up myself, but needed the torque of some air tools. When Toby was in the shop, I had them install the power steering belt I hadn't gotten around to, change the oil and the fuel filter, and look at where my seat was bolted in. They ended up welding the muffler to the piece of pipe that had come off it. Lets see it try to shake loose now! The guys at the Sugarbush Service station were really nice and reasonable. All this took about an hour and cost $60.61.

Last night Jesse and I got dressed up for the heck of it. He wore his bright red pants, pretty white hemp shirt with silver buttons, black hemp vest, and green John Deere baseball hat. I wore the embroidered skirt he had gotten me, a blue crushed velvet shirt, silver dangly earrings and my tiara. Once we got dudded up we decided to go out to eat. A lot of smiles were cast our way.

Time to go get back in bed. I need sleep for work today!

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