Thursday, February 03, 2005

Why Sugarbush Sucks

The bastards at Sugarbush hotlisted my pass yesterday! I was all bouncy and ready to go skiing yesterday when I found out. Being hotlisted means your pass comes up as invalid when it gets scanned by a ticket checker. Mine said I was a "Safety Violator". The powers that be don't want me to be skiing on the mountain, even if it is my day off.

I don't see how they can legally do that. Everybody who buys a ticket agrees to not hold Sugarbush responsible for any injury and/or death that results from that activity. It's no different for employees, especially employees there on their day off. So they don't want me skiing with a broken arm ... that's nice, but it doesn't seem like they're able to legally stop me. If they wanted to disallow me because of my injury, they'd have to also bar everybody else with injuries - or it would be unfair discrimination. I know of lots of people who ski/board while injured, in casts, etc. Not the smartest thing I know, but it's legal. The whole Sugarbush policy seems fishy to me.

At least I got in one ski run the day before. :-) That morning I tripped while going into the lift shack and fell on my broken arm. They sent me for x-rays at the clinic at Lincoln Peak to make sure everything was still ok....which it was. Nothing bent or out of place. When I got back to my side of the mountain, I took one run down on skis before resuming work. was so nice!

Well after getting hotlisted, I spent the day driving around and goofing off instead. Bought a bunch of fresh, yummy food. Went over to Jesse's house that night and made us fettucine alfredo, sauteed carrots in butter and drizzled with maple syrup, and a salad of baby greens, bell peppers, farmer cheese, and all sorts of other yummy things.

Today Jesse and I have the day off. I made us brunch of french toast with fresh strawberries and vanilla whipped cream. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Supper? We'll see.

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