Friday, April 21, 2006

Countdown to the trail!

Yesterday I got my campsite assignment for the PCT ADZ kickoff party. It quickly threw everything into perspective... wow, this whole trip is real! In less then a week, I'll be kicking back in California, getting to know my fellow PCT thru-hikers. Where did all that time go?

Getting ready for this trip is a bit tricky. I was expecting to get my last paycheck from my job last week, but haven't yet. They goofed and put the name of a former Heather on my check, so they had to send it back and get me a new one. The check still hasn't shown up, more than a week later. Can you say broke?

I still need to buy long underwear bottoms, a 4-6 liter water container, hiking poles, some JB Weld so I can make an alcohol stove, some alcohol for that stove, spare batteries, extra memory cards for my camera, sneakers, and a lightweight foam sleeping pad (My inflatable pad would get punctured the second I set it on the desert floor in my tent - just like it did every night the last couple of days in CA). I also need to buy food to last me a week on the trail.


Wendy said...

Sounds like an exciting time. I wish I could get away from life and work some days. I am so proud of you and pray you will be safe.

Carierraine said...

Hey, I'm gonna miss seeing you around town!