Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pictures of the day

And now, the story behind the pictures...

I finally made it to Barton Springs Pool today. What an amazing place! I am now kicking myself for not having gone sooner. I went with Jeff, one of the sales guys from Whole Earth. Before the springs, we hiked along the Zilker Park Greenbelt. (That's where the pic was taken of him walking along a cliff). The Green belt was wicked cool, too. It's amazing how much green space Austin has set aside! Everywhere you look, there's a park.

The other pictures are of the neighbor kitty. Jeff lives in a really cool and wacky RV park. One of his neighbors has a light-up hula girl in his yard, next to the mermaid and the spinning bunny rabbits. The same neighbor has a ladder to the roof of his RV, where he's created a patio area.

It suddenly occured to me why I had trouble leaving Austin before....this town has a bumper sticker that says "Keep Austin Weird". The vortex here is simply trying to keep me. It recognizes me as one of its own.


PipeTobacco said...


Your blog is always inspirational and enjoyable to read! Thank you. Since you seem to prefer temporary work positions, have you ever visited a "temp agency"? It might be an easier way to have the "work when you want, not when you don't" lifestyle but at the same time, a more reliable means to get money when you need it.

Austin is indeed a beautiful place. The few times I have been there were wonderful. UT-Austin is a wonderful campus.


Anonymous said...

i clicked on your barton sping link
and was wondering why you dont try and get a job with the city park and rec. 8.00 hr to be a life guard or a park vendor does not sound to bad