Thursday, April 06, 2006

A day in the life of...

Oh man, I didn't even make it home last night until 3:30am. There are just so many cool things to do in Austin!
I started out the day at the Green Muse Cafe. It's the place I wrote about yesterday. (They have really good chocolate chip cookies!) I did a bunch of PCT research there via their wifi for a couple of hours, then left to explore the downtown parks. (There are a couple pictures of that two posts below).

I went to the usual Wednesday Contra dance and had a whale of a time! Best contra, ever! The band was exceptional (with the exception of two too slow songs), and the dance partners were really cool. I like the fact that all of the guys there are older (30's+), so they're married or have steady girlfriends. That way I can relax and have fun without getting hit on. (It's flattering to have so much attention, but sometimes a girl just wants to enjoy herself without having to tactfully shoot someone down every 5.2 seconds).

The contra ended at 10, so I cycled back downtown to amuse myself for two hours before the free Weird Wednesday movie started at the Alamo Drafthouse. I found what I was looking for... Over in the 6th/5th street area was one of the guys who works at Whole Earth. He was there doing his second job, driving all of the tourists around in his pedicab. It was a slow night, so I rode my bike up and down the streets with him while he trawled for customers.

After bidding him adieu, I went to the Alamo. The movie theatre is upstairs...and on the stairs is a guy wielding a black magic marker. Everybody in front of me held their hands out for him to draw two big black x's on them, so I did too. I figured it was some sort of free admission thingy. I asked him what it was, he said it was to show the wait staff that I was under 21. Whoops! I showed him my ID, and he said to go into the bathroom real quick and wash it off while it was still wet. Whadda ya know, the soap in their bathrooms works really well for that. The whole black X thing doesn't seem to be very foolproof...Not that I had any alcoholic beverages there, but still! :-)

Upon sitting down in the theatre, I discovered I was only a couple of seats away from a guy I work with. I love this guy! He's always in awe of things I've done. I made sure to show him the black tire marks all over my left leg (From me being a klutz and managing to run myself over with my bike just a few minutes earlier).

The movie was called Candy Snatchers. From the description on the Alamo website:

This is an incredible, mean-spirited black comedy that neatly encapsulates everything that was great and scary and wrong and right about the 70’s. A trio of kidnappers; gross fat slob, hot chick and psychotic con man; kidnap a teenage girl named Candy. But when they present their ransom demands to the girl’s father he’s perfectly happy to abscond with the ransom money and be free of the burden of parenthood. Meanwhile an autistic child has discovered Candy’s underground hiding place but his horrible parents don’t believe him. Sounds like a grim, dark, depressing movie huh? For regular squares maybe. But for those of us with a refined taste for the absurd and amoral it’s like an iced magnum of Dom Perignon. Don’t miss this one or you’ll be one sorry bastard. (Lars)

I have to say, it was a really good movie! I'm not usually a fan of dark movies, but this one was brilliantly twisted.

After the movie, I did some people watching and rode around the block with pedicab/Whole Earth guy, then hit the road for home. I went down Congress for a change...partly because he recomended it as a safer route, and partly because the 24 hour bakery wasn't on it. I could see the bakery becoming a bad habit! Mmmmmmm, so many yummy Mexican pastries...flan...coconut juice...mmmmmmmmm.

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