Sunday, April 16, 2006

What I did for summer vacation

I was introduced to summer fun, Texas style. Yeehaw! As you can see, I forgot the sunscreen and was left with an interesting bathing suit burn pattern. It was worse for the guy I went with...not only did he become a crispy critter himself, but he was attacked by some local wildlife. While we were floating down the river, a giant crawfish swam up his shorts. I'll say no more, other than..... ouch!

That night we caught a free show by Calexico. Amazing! I love these guys! I'm such a sucker for trumpet players. The rest of the band was good, too. :-)

There was lots more involved, but it's too hot to think and type. Time to go jump in Barton Springs...


Arne said...

did anyone else read this the same way I did ...

I'm such a sucker for trumpet players...There was lots more involved, but it's too hot ... to type

oh my! sounds like quite a night!

Anonymous said...

bad tan lines guess you need to go out to hippy hollow next time but use sun screen

Anonymous said...

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