Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pictures from this weekend

It's been pouring all week. Today it stopped, so we built another plastic tent to spray my van in. (The plastic is to contain overspray, it's not good enough to keep the van bone dry in a downpour.)


The ever helpful Puka helps to tape the van

Taping off areas I don't want paint.

Random signage. For those who just can't make up their minds...


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,
I've been following your blog for some time now and I find you to be a very interesting person. I admire your free spirit and the way you go with the flow of living a life that's unencumbered by all the stresses and strains of living the American Dream. You have a radiant glow about you and I really enjoy your blog. Later

Anonymous said...

I dunno... isn't there a law concerning Dog Labor?

Puka is a helpful pup, but he's not very neat.