Sunday, April 18, 2004

Hi from Heather

I didn't fall off the ends of the earth, I'm just in Phoenix. We came down here on Thursday (?) expecting to drop some stuff off for my grandmother, and then drive right back up to Concho. We're still here...

She got hauled away in an ambulance the day we brought her back to her apartment. The short story is that her doctor was (and still is) an idiot who dropped the ball. She's still alive and kicking, but is back in the hospital for a while.

Mom and I have been getting her apartment all ready for her to move in. We've got all the furniture in, her cuboards stocked, and everything looking and smelling pretty. All it needs now is her.

My only gripe while down here is that it's almost impossible to find a Cake CD. Nobody carries them! I've tried Walmart, K-mart, Target, and a really good used book store called Bookmans. Nadda. Zip. Life is rough.

Don't know how much longer we'll be down here. I'll write more when we get access tp a computer again. Currently I'm on the City of Mesa's library computer. I'm happy - I just got myself a library card. That makes the 2nd county in AZ I've gotten a card for so far. When we get back up to Concho, I'm going for a 3rd. Show-Low is in a different county...

Must go borrow books now. :-)


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