Tuesday, April 13, 2004

New News

I just came in from the back deck, where I've been lounging around in my bikini and reading Discover, Scientific American, and Countryside. Ahhhhh....after almost 2 weeks of rain and cold, it's nice to finally have sun again.

Last weekend we had my cousin Samanatha's fake 10th birthday party. Her real birthday isn't until September. There are pictures of the food over on mom's blog.

We had vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, vanilla ice cream, chips, salsa, guacamole, veggies with ranch dip, chicken fingers and some other things. After we ate, Sam and Charlotte attacked the Dora the Explorer pinata and gorged on some more candy.

After we got everybody sugared up, we drove over to Aunt Liz's property. They have two acres up behind a cinder mountain. Lots of really nice views of the valley basin surrounding them. The kids and I ran around and annoyed the adults by playing with our walkie-talkies. With all of the rain we've been having lately, the ground was quite soggy. Mud about 5" thick stuck to the soles of everyone's shoes. You should see the interior of the car...

The only bad part of the day was that it SNOWED! Ick ick ick. Luckily it didn't hang around. The tops of all of the mountains around us are now white and pretty though. The pansies and calendula out front are still perky as ever.

On Friday I got my Arizona driver's license. Yippie! It's valid until my 69th birthday. :-) I can even choose to have the same photo of my 20 yo self on there until the day I go in to renew.

Hmmm, other news ....

I traded golf clubs and bags in exchange for some horse riding lessons with a neighbor.

The lilac tree out back is starting to bloom.

Mom and I have less then $100 in credit to our names.

We're going to California soon to the kick off party for PCT hikers, and we get to see Radar!

I'm going to get a lariat and start practicing roping the dog and the bushes out back.

The librarian already knows me by name :-)

We saw a herd of elk and a posse of antelope yesterday.

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