Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Sarcasm is for smart people

It takes brains to creatively warp communication for your own amusement, arrange it into something that makes sense, and enlighten others with your point of view within split seconds after hearing a comment just asking to be remarked on.

Sarcasm runs in my family. I'm used to conversations rife with gentle ribbing and double meanings. We take glee in using sarcasm to jazz up a conversation. Sometimes other people don't seem to appreciate it.

It seems the people who most dislike sarcasm are the ones who just don't get it. They know they're being made fun of, but they don't realize how. Bureaucracies especially hate it when underlings amuse themselves in this way. I'm reminded of Job Corps .... The teachers didn't appreciate my creative flair when doing reports. It's still my stance that "Looks good in ski pants" is a perfectly reasonable leadership qualification to list in a risk management plan. I'm miffed that it got crossed out with a red pen. Hmmf.

I originally created a boyfriend application out of a sarcastic remark I made to Steve. He insisted I'd need transcripts and a diploma to get anywhere in life. I told him that if paperwork was so important, I'd start requiring prospective boyfriends to fill out an application with references.

Tonight upon getting home to Concho, I revised the aforementioned application.

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