Sunday, May 02, 2004


My mother and I have been doing everything under the sun for my grandmother and her husband for the past 2 months.

We've gotten their financial health in order, found places for both of them to live, furnished the new apartment, held sales to clean out their old house and get them some money, put their house and car for sale, taken care of the creditors, brought everything they needed to their respective nursing homes (Suzanne's is 5 hours away), done EVERYTHING they needed and requested.

We've gone $2,000 in debt to pay for our food, gas, and other living expenses while here.

Suzanne gave us $56 for our two months of solid work. (She didn't actually give. I asked)

We have no money to get home, let alone pay off the debt we incurred while here. We've already sold most of the things in this house and deposited the money in her account. (She's already spent it by buying knick-knacks and bouncing more than $2,000 worth of checks)

We haven't even gotten a thank you. The last time we were in Mesa to move her to her apartment, she told me to go back where I came from...among other things.

If you'd like to read my mother's take on this, check her blog: Wendy's Blog

If you'd like my grandmother Suzanne Dudden Moon Lupke's side of the story, feel free to call her at her at: (480) 218-4578

She'd probably welcome the phone call. She's screwed everybody else in her entire life. Her other two kids don't speak to her, none of her church congregation has called or visited and she has no friends to speak of, because she's screwed them all at one time or another. We're just the latest people on the list.

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