Wednesday, May 05, 2004


I'm typing this while listening to Sing, Sing, Sing preformed by the Boston Pops. If you don't bounce along to the song, you must be dead. I'm such a sucker for it. :-)

I'm back to being my usual perky self. I know that we're going far, far away from here soon! Tomorrow by noon is the plan.

Today was the last day of our sale. Towards the end of the day, mom made a sign "Buy the tables and everything on them for $75. We want to go back to Vermont!" One of our regular customers came back and actually bought everything! Yippie!!!!

We've only been here 2 months but we already know most of the neighbors. There are some awfully nice people around these parts.

I went to borrow a square drive screwdriver bit from the guy across the street tonight. When we went into his garage to look for one, there was my ultimate dream car. It was a RED 1950 Chevy pick up truck, with curvy wheelwells and running boards. It's in excellent condition. I positively drooled.

Joe and I spent a long time poking underneath the hood. I sat in the cab for awhile and fiddled with all of the cool knobs and buttons. I unerved him when I laid on my back and scooted underneath to get a better look at the chassis.

Joe's brother is the one who actually owns the truck. He's put about $4,600 into it, including the purchase price. When I asked the brother if he'd ever sell it to me, he said he'd let it go for $5,000. Ooooooh, if only I had that much money :-) I would have bought it in a second!

I must stop drooling now.

Anyhoo, no idea when we'll be back in Vermont. Mom wants to visit a couple of the National Parks we haven't explored much in, like Zion. The last time we were in Zion, it was 118 degrees. Our car didn't have air conditioning. We skedaddled pretty quick!

More interesting things - last night I called Job Corps. It was so nice to talk to my roomate Sarah, good friend Patrick, and the cute R.A., John. :-) Mark was also in the office, so I got to congratulate him on getting his diploma. Way to go Mark!

Another vote for being a carpenter again came in today. It amuses me that there were so few (4) people who voted for me to get a boyfriend. I guess with all of the no-holds-barred blogging I've been doing lately, it scared you all. :-)

Speaking of blogging, I found a fascinating blog yesterday. It's the journal of a porno store clerk. It was featured on National Public Radio a while back Porno Blog

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