Thursday, December 04, 2003

Getting ready to go

I'm in from the frigid cold and getting more measurements for my van curtains. Didn't want to delve in curtain making right away, so I logged on to check my mail. I'm anxiously awaiting to see if I'll get accepted for a snowshoe test at backpack gear test

I've entered that highly distractable state of elevated excitement....I can't wait to (hopefully!) get selected for the snowshoes, I can't wait to go to Loring, etc etc. Instead of concentrating on one thing, I'm bouncing from project to project.

Everything is already all packed and ready to go. I've managed to cram all of my stuff into my 40 liter capacity backpack, including a pair of sandals and my hiking boots. I'll carry a small canvas tote to hold a couple of books and drawing supplies. Greyhound and the airlines better not torture my luggage. I love that backpack.

I've always liked traveling on Greyhound. You meet the most interesting people.... :-) My favorite seat is the first seat on the passenger side. You have the most footroom, a clear view through the windshield, and you're the first person off or on the bus during potty breaks or bus changes.

For an interesting link, check out this guy. He just wrote me a letter. Fascinating site! I actually remember reading about him many times over the years. It's surreal to actually get a letter from somebody I've read about. :-)

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