Sunday, December 21, 2003

Heather's Childhood

I've been writing to one of my dorm wing leaders from school since I got back home. Today we were talking about our respective childhoods. I'll eventually post some of that history here. For now, here's a snippet from the last email. I was talking about our trip to Mexico when I was 7...

We took rickety old buses up breathtaking winding mountain passes, down into torrid, green jungles, and bumped along dirt roads out in the middle of nowhere. We rented a tiny 1960's era VW bug and drove it to all of the huge famous and rinky-dink, out of the way ancient ruins. We snapped lots of pictures. Mom bought me a lot of cute little cotton sundresses with intricate local embroidery. I have a picture of me in a delicate looking white dress, perched on top of an altar to Chac-Mool. Thousands of years previous on that very altar, they used to throw down screaming victims, plunge a knife into their chest and slice out the still-beating heart as a sacrifice for Chac-Mool.

I miss Mexico. :-) One of these days I'd like to go back. I'm mainly drawn to the country because of its food. I could go for some fresh chicken tacos and a baggie of fruit juice right about now.

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