Sunday, December 21, 2003

Navy Seals

Speaking of, I was just watching a documentary about Navy Seal training. The instructors were hassling the enlistees about the conditions of their rooms during room inspection. I looked closer and realized - the Seal dorms are the same exact layout and design as the dorms at school!

They had the same purple lockers, the same masonry block walls, even the same fake wood dresser drawers as school does. The guys didn't do as well at room inspection as I have, though. I've gotten perfect room scores my entire time at school. About 3/4 of this class failed this particular inspection!

I'm reveling at being home at the moment. I haven't brushed my hair in 5 days. My room looks like the military has been detonating clothes bombs everywhere. I've been sleeping in well past my school wake-up time of 5am.

Well, back to plugging away. I'm trying to complete all of the required essays for phase one and two of Outdoor Rec. When I get there, I want to plunk down every required essay...on my very first day in class. :-)

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