Thursday, December 04, 2003

Van personality

Last night mom asked me what type of personality my van has. I thought for a second and replied, "It's definately gay. It has good taste, but it's also rugged" She burst out laughing. Turns out she's been thinking my van has a gay personality, too.

Today I'm making curtains. I found pretty patchwork fabric on sale for $1 a yard at Walmart and bought the last of it. I've sewn black fabric on as a backing and will probably sew on tabs at the top for the curtain rod to go through.

It's been in the teens and single digits outside, so I've hung out next to the woodstove instead of working out on my van. Too cold! Pretty soon I'll be in the cold all of the time though ... the job corps called back with my itinerary. I'm going to take a Greyhound from Montpelier to Boston, then fly to Presque Isle. Less then a week to go!

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