Monday, October 13, 2003

Back from the gathering

Home again, home again. Where are all the hikers? I miss them all already!
The past 6 days have been jam packed with talking to other hikers, hanging out, and running around the Dartmouth college campus to go to different workshops. The slide shows were phenomenal! The one on the John Muir Trail gave me goosebumps. Western scenery is jaw dropping...every time I see a picture of out west, I'm sorely tempted to hop into a plane/train/automobile and visit the cacti and ocotillo.

One of my favorite things at the gathering was seeing Radar again. :-) He's such a sweetie! He also presented a fabulous slideshow/workshop on digital photography and keeping an online journal. Radar is a great computer geek! I'm not the only one who thinks so - droves of people kept coming up to him on campus afterwards, complimenting him on the great workshop.

As I mentioned last night, there was a rolicking good contra dance. I only danced two sets, but had so much fun! Both were with a hiker whose real name is Toby. I've always wanted to get a dog and name it Toby. :-) I ended up sitting out the rest of the dances and yacking with Radar instead.

This morning we packed up and hit the road back to home. We arrived around 1pm. I hauled everything into the house from the van and started in on the garden work. Death to weeds! I whipped out the weedwacker and went to town for 4 hours. My arms are still vibrating...

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