Monday, October 27, 2003

Police Warning

It's been raining for 24 hours straight. There are flood watches in effect through Vermont, New York and New Hampshire. Thankfully, we have inside carpentry jobs. :-) Today was spent on runs to the lumber store for a bunch of upcoming projects, estimating for other jobs, and building some boxes on wheels for storage under the community center stage.

The lumber yard is situated at the bottom of a divot in the road. You can't see very far to your right. Once you're in the road, you're committed - you can't back up, or you'll get smushed by the oncoming traffic. As I was pulling out to make a left hand turn, a dark colored car without their headlights on popped over the hill. I had no choice, so I kept going. Turns out the car was a state trooper. We went approximately 4/10's of a mile down the road before she turned on her flashing lights.

I was let off with a warning and told not to cut in front of anybody. At least I only got a warning. I'm still miffed that part of the blame lay on the trooper for not being very visable - driving in a dark car without headlights on during a dark, rainy part of the day. It's a state law in New York that your headlights have to be on while using your wipers. Why not here? It would make sense. I had MY headlights on.

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