Sunday, October 05, 2003

Current Life Plan

Long Distance Hiking is temporarily out of the picture. I've decided to devote this upcoming year to learning everything my mom knows about gardening, running the business of our CSA, chickens, grapes, making wine, propagating, greenhouses, when and what to plant where, permaculture, etc etc. I don't want mom to die on me and then suddenly realize I don't know a thing about gardening.

I've been spending my free time getting the garden ready for winter. All weeds must die! It's taken me three days to do 12 raised beds. I really let the garden go this year. I'm really excited to get it back into shape! I've been paging through the seed catalogs already, designing new garden layouts, calculating how many yards of manure I want delivered...

I'm still dreaming and planning on completing the ECT in one fell swoop. I've also tacked on the dream of flying across the pond to hike the remainder of the Appalachian Mountain Chain through Britain.

I've been getting my hiking fix by reading up on friends at Trail Journals

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