Thursday, June 03, 2004

April in Maple Corner

The picture is of our neighbor skiing off his house roof a couple of Aprils ago. It wasn't that many days ago that we still had snow here. Some years we've had 5 feet of snow until the 1st week of May.

Everybody in town agrees that the grass this year has grown the fastest they can ever remember it. It's taking over!

The weather was very bipolar today. One moment the sun shone and the birds sang - the next, roiling black thunderclouds slid over our mountain range and pelted everything below in rain and pea sized hail.

I weeded some more tires and put bucket loads of compost in them during the sunny breaks. When it rained, I helped mom clean out the greenhouse.

I puttered around in my van after supper. I'm slowly evicting all of Peters stuff that found a home there while we were gone. I want to tidy the place up and get everything set to go for the big day when I finally get it on the road.

I'm going to put together a small scrapbook to keep in the van, showing its progress from rusty pile of metal in the midst of weeds, to the glorious red adventure mobile it is today.

I found my little smiley face antenna topper and stuck it back on. The foot shaped gas pedal is just itching to get used. The disco ball is around here somewhere...

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