Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Spite Fence

Yesterday was spent working on a spite fence for two neighbors who are having property wars. It's turned out really nice. It made me think of the dichotomy of wood and relative richness of the people buying it.

The rich people always buy the really expensive, luxurious woods, like red cedar and mahogany. Then they usually want it painted over. Uusually in a boring, hideous white. The poorer people buy the cheaper woods like spruce, then want it to be finished with a stain that makes it look like the more expensive woods. This fence is made of yellow pine and has a finish that's supposed to make it look like redwood.

Why can't the rich people showcase the natural wood beauty? Why can't the less rich just paint it a rich color instead of trying to fool people with a stain? It drives me up a wall. It's a classic example of people never being happy with what they have and always wanting the other thing. Hey wait a second, I resemble that remark...

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