Thursday, June 03, 2004


I just got off the phone with our car insurance agent about adding me to the policy. The original quote was $735.08 a year.

If I complete a month long safe driving program offered by the company, it gets lowered to $630. If I'm a student with a B average, it comes out to $570. If I cough up half of the yearly amount all at once, they take $18 off. Now to just find the money to pay both the insurance AND the car repairs. :-)

I called up a couple of fix-it places yesterday. For a complete tune-up, totally new brakes (Shoes, rotors, etc), totally new exhaust system, transmission flush and all new belts and hoses, it comes to $1250. Hopefully I won't really need all of that.

When I called the DMV to find out what registration would cost me and told him what year it was, he gasped "1975! Wow." He couldn't even find a listing for that model year van. It'll probably be around $80 though.

It's going to be fun to finally have my own car. I can become a workaholic carpenter! I can go camping on a whim! I can start acting mature and responsible! Uhhhh...maybe not that last one.

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