Monday, June 07, 2004

Heather's World Cast Of Characters

I recently received a letter from a woman in Norway. It made me realize that some people reading my blog might have no idea who some of the people I'm talking about are. Below is a list of names and short descriptions of said persons. I hope it makes everything easier to understand!

In addition to having the illustrious job of being my Mom, Wendy is a talented chef, gardener, and maker of "Heather's To-Do" Lists.

A carpenter by day, a teller of far-fetched trivia by night. He's not my biological dad, but he and Mom have been together for 17 years.

Also goes by the name Samantha and Kidface. She's my 9 year old cousin from Arizona who's staying with us for the summer. Her mom is my Aunt Liz, and has a younger sister Charlotte and dad Eric.

Mr. X / Big Daddy
I couldn't decide which code name to use, as they both make me smile. This is the guy I like, and think should be prohibited from wearing a shirt in my presence.

The adorable family pet. He's a certified service dog who helps my mom Wendy get around. He likes long walks, leftovers, and chewing on stuffed animals and boxes.

The Evil One
Its real name is Indy. She's a tuxedo cat who enjoys chasing the nice kitty, eating mice, and acting like a fool under the influence of catnip.

The Nice Kitty
Aleka is a pudgy orange furball who adores belly rubs, sunny windowsills, and the warm spot on top of the computer monitor.

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