Sunday, June 13, 2004

Heather's Destruction

I've been tearing apart my house for fun and excitement.

Since the foundation is still so new, it's in the settling down phase. This winter the settling created small cracking where my sheetrock seams are. I slathered on some paint stripper, scraped the paint and majority of the joint mud off, then sanded it nice and smooth. Soon I'll reapply the joint tape and slap on some new mud.

After getting everything gussied back up, I'm painting it again. Time for new colors! Mr. X suggested I toss a bunch of crayons into a bag and pick one. I wonder how often paint stores get customers who bring in crayons as a color sample?

I talked to our local Wal-Mart about it. They have this cool machine that digitally reads the color of whatever object you bring in, then tells which colors to use and in what proportions.

Sunday is my favorite day to work on my house. All of the radio stations play different styles of music and I can play it as loud as I want. NPR plays polka. Yay!

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