Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Painting and other new things

Today marks the day of finally getting everything in my house primed at least once. Woohoo! I need to do some touch ups tomorrow, then I'm all systems go for the colors.

I've been busy out working in the garden. We hardly grew anything last year due to Mom being sick and me doing other things, and it made the beds quickly become overgrown. It's been a veritable war getting rid of the mugwort, witchgrass, and even the trees that have grown up in the middle of the raised beds. Some of the beds haven't been turned over in at least 3 years. They're a real joy to work on. :-)

The tomato plants have little fruit on them already, and the peppers are looking pepper-like. Pretty soon it will be time to pick the garlic scapes and fry them in some oil.

I'd like the garden to look decent at least by the end of the summer. :-) I weedwacked around the blueberry bushes two days ago. It looks to be a bumper crop this year. Mmmmmmmm. One of my favorite summer treats is frozen blueberries.

I haven't been working on my van lately. The manual I have is great for explaining how to do things, as long as you know what car parts are named, or roughly where they're located. To replace my belts, I need to locate the nut on the alternator. I don't know what an alternator does, let alone where it is on my car. Baby steps. Must take lots of baby steps, and eventually, I'll get there. :-) I still haven't changed a tire by myself...

Once I replace the belts and hoses and do a few simple other things, I'm taking it in to get inspected. If it needs brake work, I'm going to let the garage do it - as long as they let me scoot under the chassis so I can watch.

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