Sunday, March 19, 2006

4 day weekend

This forced inactivity is driving me up a wall. It would be sooooooo much better if I had my bike. I'd go to town, or a camping trip, or race up and down the streets of Austin. I didn't realize how attached I had gotten to my bike until suddenly it wasn't there. I'm starting to understand all of those funny bike people I see along the side of the road, decked out in spandex, not touring, just going for a ride. I have to confess, I always thought road bike nuts were a few bricks short of a load before I bought my bike back in October and tried it out myself.

Today it finally sunk in that I need to get out of my shyness and go out there in Austin and mingle. My goal for living here in the city is to go see live music (something I've only done a handful of times), meet and befriend new people, and generally soak up the culture. This will all be much easier when I get paid in a week and can use money to buy amusement. Ooooh, imagine - buying flan at the 24 hour mexican bakery, coughing up a couple of bucks to visit the nifty museums around here, going to the Alamo Drafthouse for dinner and a movie, so on and so forth.

Part of the reason I'm getting antsy tonight is I have no definate goal of where I want my life to go next. I like to always be working towards something conrete and tangible. Goofing off is fun, but not without an ulterior motive. Therefore, I will now goof off with wild abandon, as long as it involves new music, new people, new learning experiences. The old try at least one new thing every day bit.

Another reason for unease? There's a bunch of really juicy stuff happening in the life of me and the ones close to me that I'm not allowed to talk about - yet. I hate holding back! It'll all come out in the wash, but not soon enough for me. I really like writing about my life events to get a clearer understanding of what's going on.

I was just reading my blog archives today and was really struck by how the decisions I'm wrestling with right now, I had already written about and found a partial solution to, months or years ago. This whole blog thingie is really convenient for me - especially considering I have a bad habit of burning my old diaries. I would get all embarassed about what I had written and burn them, so nobody would accidentally read them and suddenly know waaaaay too much about me. With this blog, thousands of people have already read what I've written, so erasing it wouldn't accomplish anything. It's pretty liberating, actually.

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